What happens if something goes wrong with your IMPULSE or SHARK watch?

ATLANTIC TRADING COMPANY sees our job as not just supplying you with watches but backing our products with excellent after sales service so that you can sell to your customers with confidence.

We supply a Twelve Month Warranty card with each watch sold. Please ensure you provide this to your customer stamped with the date sold, as well as a receipt on purchase. Should something fail with a watch generally a customer will bring it back to you. Together we can provide excellent customer service and customer loyalty if you send the watch to us and we repair or replace it and return it to you within as short a time as possible. Generally we repair and return within a week. We have our own onsite watchmaker who is able to effect repairs very quickly.

The most common problems your customer will experience are:

The watch stops working: Sometimes it is the battery but as most of our watches come with battery stoppers to preserve battery life before wear, it is more often dust or grit in the movement. Our watchmaker will check and replace the battery and clean the movement with all watches returned to us.

The band comes away from the case due to a broken pin: We have spares for almost every pin size possible and will replace any broken ones quickly for you. Many of our watches are fashion watches and the design can place stress on the main pins. Over our years of creating and choosing watches we have partnered with a small select group of overseas companies that we have found work hard to provide strong quality control at the factory door.

Water or moisture enters the case and clouds the dial: If your customer must have a water resistant watch for activities such as swimming or surfing or diving watch models of 100m WR or more should be recommended. Where a watch marked water resistant leaks we will open it and dry it and replace damaged workings. Our watchmaker closes the watch cases with regard to the seals needed for water resistance.

PLEASE NOTE: The warranty does not cover battery, glass, band or silver or gold plating. Fashion watches and other watches that are not marked water resistant are not covered for moisture or water damage. Broken glass or bands can generally be replaced but will involve a charge. Our charges for such repairs are very reasonable. Please phone for a quote.

When sending watches for repair please ensure you wrap the watch in bubble wrap or multiple layers of protective paper and that the packaging/envelope is robust. Transportation costs to our warehouse are the responsibility of the owner.

We will do our best to provide high quality service to our customers but in the event that we cannot repair a watch we reserve the right to replace it with a new watch of the same or similar model.

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